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    10 Strange Facts About The Mysterious Death Of Rasputin

    On January 1, 1917, the body of Grigori Rasputin, the advisor to the rulers of Tsarist Russia, was found trapped under the frozen surface of the Neva River. He’d been shot three times and horribly mutilated; his killers, it seemed, had even gouged out his right eye. Everyone was a suspect. Rasputin was seen as […] More

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    10 Rumored Locations Of The Lost Amber Room

    The story of the Amber Room has all of the elements of an Indiana Jones film: the bounty of kings, the spoils of war, theft by dastardly Nazis, a tireless search by the Soviet Union, mysterious deaths, and a priceless treasure waiting to be found. Construction of the opulent “Eighth Wonder of the World” began […] More

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    10 Mysterious Disappearances From The Wilds Of North America

    Throughout much of North America, large swaths of land are still untamed and unsettled. Hundreds of millions of acres are protected in the wilds of the United States and Canada. Hikers, hunters, and tourists visit these lands every year, but not all of them leave alive. Many have died and went missing in the wilderness […] More

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    10 Mysteries And Conundrums That Were Recently Put To Bed

    The bewildering world around us got a little less bewildering recently. So far, 2018 has been a good year for solving mysteries that had haunted us for decades, centuries, and even millennia. More and more of the unknown becomes known with each passing day. There is still so much more left to discover. For now, […] More

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    Top 10 Clues That Solved Or Deepened Old Mysteries

    Ancient mysteries can be as bland as a gap in history to huge stone doors moving in ways they should not. New discoveries can teach scholars more about bygone cultures and leaders or explain that stone. However, nothing throws a wrench in the works as quickly as the unexpected object or tomb. They can complete […] More

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    10 Genuine Points Of Interest About The Knights Templar

    In light of such films as The Da Vinci Code and, to a lesser degree, National Treasure, the Knights Templar have enjoyed a revival of interest in their much-storied history. That history is one where the lines of legend and fact aren’t so much blurred as rubbed out altogether. As such, the group remains an […] More

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    10 Fascinating Conspiracy Claims Of The Gemstone File

    What makes the so-called Gemstone File so intriguing is that while no one can prove its authenticity, plenty of the claims within its pages have proven to be very true. Essentially, the Gemstone File is said to be the notes and results of an extensive investigation by “Bruce Roberts” into such people as Howard Hughes, […] More

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    10 Reasons To Think Conflicts Of The 20th Century Were Planned

    It’s one of the most popular conspiracy theories, largely because a lot of the claims have at least partial facts to them. Some believe that events of the 20th century, in particular the two global conflicts that left millions upon millions slaughtered and changed the face and direction of the entire planet, were not only […] More

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    10 Unsolved Mysteries Of Ancient Egypt

    Ancient Egypt has fascinated the imagination since we first cleaned the sands away from the Great Sphinx. For the past two centuries, it has been an obsession for archaeologists and historians. It is a land whose mysteries we have spent years slowly unraveling. Even after all this time, though, there is still a great deal […] More

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    10 Recent Evolutions Of Classic Mysteries

    They say that nothing stays hidden forever. Indeed, we’re finding the answers to long-running questions on a seemingly regular basis. Even the truth behind the world’s most enduring secrets might someday see the light of day. It’s impossible to predict when new developments will happen in old mysteries. A chance discovery here, a deathbed confession […] More

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    10 Truly Bizarre And Chilling Cases Of Mass Disappearances

    When someone goes missing, however unexpectedly, it is often quickly forgotten by all except those closest to the person who vanished. However, when multiple people disappear at the same time, especially a large group, it is obvious that something bizarre and potentially dark has taken place. Even more interesting, these mass disappearance events are on […] More

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