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    Easy and Cheap DIY Holiday Decoration

    Christmas is on it’s merry way. The anticipation of the holiday meals, services, and all of the fun holiday festivities is in full swing. This is the time of year when families tend to go all out with holiday spirit. From purchasing holiday sweaters to decorating the front of the house with beautiful lights, to […] More

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    Keep Your Road Trip Conversation Interesting

    Road trips are super fun.  Many movies have even been made surrounding the entertaining nature of roadtrips. And whether you are going to be on the road for a short or long period of time, you will undoubtedly have some interesting conversations if you are travelling with others.  Some roadtrips consist of family sized minivans […] More

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    A Fun Way To Volunteer With Your Animal-Loving Kids

    One thing that the majority of people can agree on is their love for puppies.  For some reason, seeing a puppy seems to invoke a series of uncontrollable baby noises, “aw’s” and even tears for the extreme puppy enthusiast.  However, seeing a ton of adorable puppies on a daily basis is, unfortunately, not a reality […] More

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    Mother Facing Jail Time for Not Vaccinating Her Son

    As the vaccine debate keeps on spiraling out of control, Rebecca Bredow of Detroit’s area reportedly told ABC that she would prefer going to jail instead of vaccinating her son. These are her own words. She also says that she choose not to vaccinate her kid and that this is her own choice. She doesn’t […] More

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    Mad Max: Fury Road Comes To Life through One Dads Obsession

    Californian director, Ian Pfaff has an interesting hobby. He loves building Mad Max: Fury Road toys for his two young kids, two-year-old Junior, and five-month-old Benji. It would seem however that this interesting craft activity isn’t as much about his kids and more about his fondness for all things Mad Max! In an interview he […] More

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    6-Year-Old Gina Received a New Bike from a Very Unlikely Source

    6-year-old Amelia Feaster and her dad Caleb have a lot to be thankful for. Just recently, newly employed bus driver, Gina Hess, showed them that there is still goodness and kindness in society. Gina and Amelia hardly new each other, but after Amelia had mentioned to Gina, at the beginning of the school year, that […] More

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    Ryan Reynolds Suffers The Fate Of All Parents During Air Travel With His Kids

    It seems that it’s not just us mere mortals who dread flying with their kids, but Hollywood’s finest, most handsome also dread traveling with their little darlings. Ryan Reynolds, the very talented and exceptionally handsome actor, was recently interviewed on Good Morning America. For the record his offspring, two adorable girls called James and Inesm […] More

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    Three Exciting Family Activities For Any Age

    In a world filled with technology and television, it is often hard to find a family activity that is stimulating enough for your children to enjoy. With young kids, it can be hard to top Netflix’s newest show or the latest IPhone app with quality family bonding time. Here are some cheap, exciting, and easy […] More

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    This Elementary School Had Every Student Paint One Rock In His Own Style

    This school had a special task for its students. The teachers of Sharon elementary school in Newburgh, Indiana, decided to realize a project together with the help of the students. Every single student was asked to color his unique individual stone. The stones were then put together to create a path outside the school. The […] More

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    This UK Couple Quit Their Jobs to Travel with Their Two Small Kids

    This parents did what every parent would love to do. The Fisher family of Porthcawl, Wales are quitting their jobs to start an adventure. Not only that, they are selling off their possessions to live the dream. How cool could that be? To grow up discovering new cultures, lifestyle, foods, traditions. To wander everywhere in […] More

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    Sweet Dad Shares His Daughters Embarrassment After A Toilet Accident

    Most compassionate and best dad award must go to Ben Soward. He helped make is 6-year-old daughter, Valerie feel better about her little accident at school by embarrassing himself. When Ben’s wife Connie received a call from the school to say that little Valerie had wet her pants and was crying, Ben poured water on […] More

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    This Lady Just Gave Birth in an Uber

    Congratulations to this new Southern California mom on her new baby! She always wished that her fourth birth would be a fast one, but this seemed a little faster than she could have asked for. Erica Davidovich and her husband, Niv,called an Uber when she started having contractions on Friday. Since her previous three children […] More

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